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High-speed granulator

1. As high-speed granulator are mainly used for crushing regrind materials to recycle and specially designed not only for rigid engineering plastics but also for soft plastics.
2. The proper speed rotation results in less powder, low noise, and low-wearable of cutters. Both rotor blades and fixed blades are made of SKD--1, it with long service life.
3. All these models are characterized with less powder pollution, low noise, low power consumption, easy operation and superiority function.
4. They are equipped with multiple safety protection devices for ensuring safety operation.


Model Crusher Chamber Motor power Rotary Blade Fixed Blade Crushing Ability Dimensions Weight
MM Kw Pole Pcs Pcs Kg/Hr MM Kg
PW180 185*150 1.1 6 9 2 100-150 760*470*920 200
PW250 250*220 2.2 6 6 2 130-200 970*700*1060 300

1. It Suitable to be installed beside extruder, in combination with a Powder separator and hopper dryer to form a rapid recycling system.
2. Which eliminates the complex intermediate links to avoid the waste of manpower and material. Hence ensures maximum recycling efficiency.
3. It has the characteristics of low noise dust-free, energy efficiency and is able to operate for long hours continuously. It occupies a small space and with efficient environment protection.

Product case

Factory show


1. Multiple packing: proved by tests of the compression resistance, throwing. And highly secured.
2. Plywood case packing: High resistance of burst strength, ring crushing strength and tearing strength.
3. Wooden frame parking: Damp-proved and high resistance burst strength and ring crush strength.

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