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The plastic crushing recycling have 5 types machines, the main service target groups are the plastic industry. It is aimed at containing fabric crushing material, which parts in contact with the raw material grinding chamber and so on and are used in surface hardening treatment. This type machines has follow common features: 1.High cutting efficiency; 2.High security operation design; 3.The easy disassembly of these machine and save more times and effort to maintenance etc.
  • PC-Strong CrusherPC-Strong CrusherClaw type tool, wrong knife structure, disperse impact load, high cutting efficiency; Good cutting performance, low noise;
  • Low-speed granulatorLow-speed granulatorAs low-speed granulator are non-mesh slow speed plastic recycling units with 29-36 rpm which specially designed with teeth cutters for crushing various def...
  • High-speed granulatorHigh-speed granulatorAs high-speed granulator are mainly used for crushing regrind materials to recycle and specially designed not only for rigid engineering plastics but also ...
  • TG- Soundproof GranulatorTG- Soundproof GranulatorThe claw type tool, wrong knife structure, disperse impact load, high cutting efficiency.The chip-type cutter’s design style can cut gradually integrated, ...
  • TG - GranulatorTG - Granulator High security operation design;Small body size, the bottom with casters, easy to move;Best shear angle, which can effectively deal with waste;
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