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Mold temperature controller are widely used in various fields, such as plastic molding, LGP, die-casting, extruder, rubber tire, roller, chemical engineering, reaction still, adherence, mixer, etc. And the most application of die heater is in plastics industry. The main function is heat or cool mould and keeps the working temperature at the same time, which ensures the injection product with a high quality and optimizes the processing time. In injection molding industry, the temperature of mould plays a crucial role in the quality of injection production as well as injection molding time.

Uneven and improper temperature of the mould would lead to the unstable of the product dimension, distortion, the generation of thermal pressure, mold-sticking, surface-sinking, internal shrinkage, and thermal foam during the process of producing. Besides, uneven and improper temperature of the mold would also have an impact on the production cycle. For example, the time of padding,cooling time, and spray coating would become extremely instability. In addition, the life of the mould would be decreased as the result of overheating or under cooling. Because the strike of overheating or under cooling would lead to the expensive steel coming into being hot crack, which speeds up the aging of the mould finally. Just because of the extraordinary importance, it provides mould temperature controller with a broad market and a bright future.

  • Oil type mold temperature controllerOil type mold temperature controllerPID adopted to control the temperature. Keeping the error within ±0.1°C.Keeping long time constant temperature, high efficiency and energy saving
  • Water type mold temperature controllerWater type mold temperature controllerAdopted with high efficiency water cycle pump, which precise mold loop with minor diameter can achieve precise temperature controller and high efficient he...
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