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TX mixing machine

1. Vertical structure with castor wheel, small foot-print and easy to move;
2. Vertical reducer motor adopted ensured low noise and long operation hours;
3. Complete mixing with short time ,low engery consumption and high efficiency;
4. Pail cover and bottom parts and compress from precisely matched&durable;
5. Mixing timer able to set within 0-30 minute.


Model 型号 TVM-50 TVM-100 TVM-150 TVM-200
1.5 3 5 7.5
功率 (Kw)
50 100 150 200
Rotating Speed
85 85 85 85
Net weight
125 170 250 450
90×83×125 107×95×133 120×110×145 125×125×162

Factory show


1. Multiple packing: proved by tests of the compression resistance, throwing. And highly secured.
2. Plywood case packing: High resistance of burst strength, ring crushing strength and tearing strength.
3. Wooden frame parking: Damp-proved and high resistance burst strength and ring crush strength.

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