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The mechanical stirrer have 5 types machines, the main service target groups are the plastic industry. Most plastic mixing machines is used for mixing the colorant with plastic material accurately, the microcomputer can calculate the quantity needed in a certain period of time when one enters in a certain period of time when one enters the injecting quantity, the proportion and the time of melting. It makes it easy to provide mixed material as long as there are colorant and the required quantity. This type machines has follow common features: 1.The material is thick and durable.; 2.In contact with the raw surface of the machine are made of stainless steel,to ensure that material is not contaminated; 3.The easy disassembly of these machine and save more times and effort to maintenance etc.
  • TX mixing machineTX mixing machineVertical structure with castor wheel, small foot-print and easy to move;Vertical reducer motor adopted ensured low noise and long operation hours
  • Metering type master batch mixerMetering type master batch mixerBy changing the door opening to regulation the thickness of material in chute to adapt different material and flow rate.
  • THM-horizontal mixing machineTHM-horizontal mixing machineSuitable for all kinds of plastic raw materials and color powder or granules;Fully stainless steel contacting parts, rust free and easy to clean
  • TVM - large vertical mixing machineTVM - large vertical mixing machineVertical stirrer are able to perform even mixture for large volume of materials in short mixing time by utilizing the paddles rotation to gather the materi...
  • Weighing mixer masterbatchWeighing mixer masterbatchIt can be used in the fields of injection moulding machine, blow moulding machines and extrusion lines of proportionally precise mixing of several types of...
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