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TMH- TVH Single autoloader

Single Autoloaders adopt carbon brush high-speed rectificative motors. All these models also feature light weight, small footprint, great suction power, easy installation operation. It can be mounted onto hopper dryers or plastic molding machines directly which not only install easily but also save space.


Model Capacity Weight Dimension Control method Use
TMH-6L 6 6 425x362x265 Micro Switch TMH vacuum packing in a dry bucket directly On board, by a micro-switch suction of fill control Material movement, stainless steel material, clear material easy.
TMH-12L 12 7 475x442x332
TMH-24L 24 9 810x445x320
TMH-50L 50 11 1100x520x350
TVH-3L 3 5 430x265x220 Photoelectric switch TVH type electric eye hopper directly on the injection molding On board, by a double electric eye switch control  of suction machine Packing material   movement, stainless steel structure, clear Material easy.
TVH-6L 6 6 520x362x265
TMH-12L 12 7 595x442x320
TMH-24L 24 9 900x442x320

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1. Multiple packing: proved by tests of the compression resistance, throwing. And highly secured.
2. Plywood case packing: High resistance of burst strength, ring crushing strength and tearing strength.
3. Wooden frame parking: Damp-proved and high resistance burst strength and ring crush strength.

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