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Euro Detachable Autoloders

The main controllers and material hopper receivers are designed separately for safety & convenient purpose which can match 1or 4 hopper receivers to achieve one to multi combination conveying. Separate the dust, easy to clear the dust. The separate hopper made of stainless steel, which doesn’t pollute the raw material, elegant appearance. And host is equipped with a fault and motor overload indicator, can quickly alert.


1. The separate hopper is made of stainless steel, it does not pollute the raw material, and elegant appearance;
2. Separate the dust, easy to clear dust;
3. Host is equipped with a fault and motor overload indicator, it can quickly alert;
4. Host standard with alarm lights for alarm devices.

Host computer VacuumHopper Conveying pipe diameter Transmission capacity
Mode Motor Power Dimensions Weight standard Storing door capacity Dimensions Weight
TAL-3HP 2.2 830x730x370 75 TMH-12L 12 800x440x310 75 51 750
TAL-5HP 4 837x730x370 80 TMH-12L 12 800x440x310 80 51 900
TAL-7.5HP 5.5 830x730x450 117.5 TMH-24L 24 1080x440x310 117.5 63.5 1100
TAL-10HP 7.5 930x860x460 127.5 TMH-50L 50 1084x440x310 127.5 63.5 1300
TAL-15HP 11 2100x680x800 226 TMH-50L 50 1080x440x310 226 63.5 2000

Product case

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1. Multiple packing: proved by tests of the compression resistance, throwing. And highly secured.
2. Plywood case packing: High resistance of burst strength, ring crushing strength and tearing strength.
3. Wooden frame parking: Damp-proved and high resistance burst strength and ring crush strength.

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