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Water Cooled single head Screw Chiller (120-300HP)

Industrial water cooled screw Chillers are widely used in many industries like plastic and rubber manufacturing, electronic productions, electroplating, medical chemistry, ultrasonic cooling and printing business, etc. It could accurately provide needed temperature for modern industrial manufacturing and largely improve efficiency and product quality. Dingyuan’s Industrial Chillers are with simple operation, reasonable design and superior quality with more than one hundred different models, which are the best choice for modern industries. Regarding to high power industrial chiller, screw type chiller is available. Screw type chiller adopts screw compressor with, high effciency, low noise, durable service, reliable operation.

1. Original Bizer, Hanbell ,Refcomp Brand compressor;
2. Power adjust four phase: 25%-50%-75%-100%;
3. USA EMERSON filter, Japan high and lower perssure control;
4. Schnedear Brand electric parts;
5 .BangPu touching screen control;
6. R22、R407c optional.


型号 Model FSQ-140W FSQ-160W FSQ—180W FSQ-220W FSQ—250W FSQ-280W
参数 Item
Nominal cooling capacity
kcal/h 374960 421400 515140 593400 672520 760240
kw 590 623 738 893 1048 380
Total Input power
kw 110 116 135 165 189 210
Max rnning current
A 310 336 388 453 534 620
电源 Power 3PH - 380V 50HZ(200V/220V/415V 460V 50HZ/60HZ)
名称 Type R22(R407C)
Charge Volumw
kg 77 88 105 121 138 154
Control method
外平衡式热力膨胀阀Outside balance thermal expansion valve
类型 Type 半封闭螺杆式Semi-hermetic screw
功率 Power kw 110 116 135.1 165 189 210
Start-up mode
Capacity control
% 0-25%-50%-75%-100%
类型 Type 干式壳管式(不锈钢板换式)Dry type shell tube (stainless steel plate heat exchange type)
Chilled fluid flow
m3/h 75 84 103 120 136.5 154
Inletoutlet pipe caliber
Inch 5 5 6 6 6 6
类型 Type 壳管式 shell and tube
Cooling waterflow
m3/h 93 110 126 147 167 186
进出水管径 Inch 5 5 6 6 6 6
安全保护装置 security devices 压缩机过热保护,机组过载保护,高低压力保护装置,防冻保护装置,电源逆相/缺相保护源,水流开关。
Compressor overheating protection, overload protection, high and low pressure protection device, antifreeze protection, power supply reverse phase/ phase protection, water flow switch.
Mechanical dimensions
长 long mm 4100 4200 4250 4370 4550 4850
宽 wide mm 1050 1250 1350 1350 1550 1750
高 high mm 1730 1730 1760 1760 1820 1820
机组重量 Unit weight
kg 2200 2410 2630 3050 3160 3350
运行重量 Operating weight kg 2430 2470 2920 3270 3420 3620

structure chart

Product case


1. Multiple packing: proved by tests of the compression resistance, throwing. And highly secured.
2. Plywood case packing: High resistance of burst strength, ring crushing strength and tearing strength.
3. Wooden frame parking: Damp-proved and high resistance burst strength and ring crush strength.

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